Trinity Safety

Who We Are

An American self made company, born and raised in the san joaquin valley

Trinity Safety Company is an American self-made company, born and raised in San Joaquin Valley, Chris Branson, the president and owner of our company, served in the army in Iraq. For his sacrifices and valor the United States of America awarded him the Purple Heart. Upon his return, he knew he wanted to do something with his life that would continue to honor and serve this great country he defended. His family has worked for generations in oil and agriculture, so why not combine the family heritage with the protective instincts he had developed in the military? In 2009 he did just that, with the creation of Trinity Safety Company – a leading provider of safety services, equipment and training for a variety of applications, including the oil and gas industry, agriculture, food processing and food manufacturing.

Trinity Safety Company was founded on four key principles: Integrity, Innovation, Hard Work and Customer Service. Everyday our team continues to apply these principles as we pursue our goal of making Trinity Safety Company the best in the business.