Trinity Safety

Gas Detection

Perhaps the greatest threat to workers in any industrial environment is exposure to dangerous gases. Not only are many gases toxic, combustible or explosive by their very nature, but even non-toxic gases pose a suffocation threat due to their ability to displace breathable air, especially in a confined space.

Trinity Safety Company offers a full range of portable and personal gas detection instruments designed to identify these threats and keep your workplace and employees safe. Since our founding, Trinity Safety Company has partnered with technology manufacturers to ensure our gas detection devices stay on the cutting edge of the industry. In an environment where seconds save lives we pride ourselves on offering the fastest and most effective gas sensors on the market.


Our technology is capable of wirelessly linking multiple units in a “fence line” configuration which creates an invisible safety perimeter for any job location. The system’s visual and audible alarms will alert personnel in multiple locations simultaneously and not only indicate the critical danger area but also the safe evacuation direction. Certified for Class 1, Division 1 locations, our units can also be used in industrial plant, refinery, petrochemical plant, power plant turnarounds and confined space operations.

Our gas detection technology also has the ability to use telemetry. This offers our customers the ability to remotely monitor multiple job sites with multiple gas detection monitors wirelessly from a single command center.

Our experienced Gas Detection Technicians service our units on a weekly basis and are available for on-call alarm response and calibration of all fixed, portable and personal gas detection monitors. For agricultural environments, Trinity Safety Company also supplies a complete line of Gas Tubes for the detection of unsafe levels of pesticides or fertilizers as required by OSHA.

Brandon Guy - Gas Detection Division Manager