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Trinity Safety Company


7501 Meany Avenue
Bakersfield CA 93308


Phone: (661) 587-2389
Fax: (661) 587-2396

Chris Branson


Cell: (661) 201-1785

Email: cbranson@trinitysafetyco.com


Brad Newburg
Vice President
Cell: (661) 444-1857
Email: bnewburg@trinitysafetyco.com


McKinzey Haage
Cell: (661) 587-2389
Email: mhaage@trinitysafetyco.com


Martin Cueto
General Manager
Cell: (661) 205-1710
Email: mcueto@trinitysafetyco.com


Tony Engle
Asset Manager
Cell: (661) 477-0058
Email: tengle@trinitysafetyco.com


Sean Lohse
Asset Manager
Cell: (661) 440-3535
Email: slohse@trinitysafetyco.com


Brian Branson
Business Development
Cell: (661) 808-4003
Email: bbranson@trinitysafetyco.com


Steve Arata
Sales Consultant
Email: sarata@trinitysafetyco.com

Tom Carpenter

Rescue Manager

Cell: (661) 364-2888

Email: tcarpenter@trinitysafetyco.com


Allen Montes
Rescue/ EMS Specialist

Cell: (661)364-9007
Email: amontes@trinitysafetyco.com


Ben Brodsky
Inventory Control Manager
Cell: (661) 331-9530
Email: bbrodsky@trinitysafetyco.com


Dave Wehunt
Gas Detection Manager
Cell: (661) 343-8045
Email: dwehunt@trinitysafetyco.com


Mike Garner
Gas Detection Supervisor
Cell: (661) 808-0042
Email: mgarner@trinitysafetyco.com


GDD Dispatch
Cell: (661) 488-4354
Email: dispatch@trinitysafetyco.com


Danielle Delcid
Drug Testing Lead
Cell: (661) 401-0661
Email: Ddelcid@trinitysafetyco.com

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