Trinity Safety

Drug Testing

Drug testing is a crucial part of the hiring process and maintenance of a safe working environment. Trinity Safety Company is focused on helping your company from the beginning.

Our team specializes in DOT, Non-DOT, hair follicle, breath alcohol, and oral swab testing. Trinity Safety Company’s experienced specimen collectors are available 24/7 to test for pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, or any other needs. We offer fully customizable screening panels that are created to address the specific substances or cutoff limits that your company requires.

Rapid screening is also available and can provide important preliminary information until full lab test results are completed. Trinity Safety Company works directly with established lab providers, which allows for quicker turnaround times on lab results for our customers.

We are excited to partner with you. Whether your team stops by our collection site or if you need us to meet you in the field, Trinity Safety Company is prepared to help ensure you maintain a drug-free workplace.

Available testing services include:

  • DOT Urine Testing
  • Non-DOT Urine Testing
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Saliva Testing
  • Rapid Result Screening
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Offsite Testing