Air Trailer Rentals.

Trinity Safety Company’s mobile breathing air trailers are an indispensable part of any maintenance or emergency operation.


Our air trailers offer CGA Grade “D” breathing air and have all the features professionals demand. Our trailer is custom designed using a 5-bottle cascade configuration with 5 hard-line quick connect hookups. Trinity Safety Company air trailers meet or exceed all federal and state regulations required to perform critical and non-critical work activities.


​Features include:
5-bottle cascade air supply.
5-person hard-line, quick connect hookups.
Pressure relief “pop-off” safety valve.


On-trailer storage box containing:
Three respiratory escape packs. Four 100’ hoses.
Three full facemasks.
One SCBA with full facemask.


Operator’s manual including monthly inspection reports, posi-checks and breathing air certifications.

At TSC our goal is to satisfy each and every customer with their individual specific needs. Our air trailers meet or exceed all federal and state regulations as required by law to perform critical and non-critical work activities. It is our duty to ensure that our air trailers are capable of meeting every customers needs and expectations on every job! 

SCBA/Escape Pack Rentals.

Draeger offers SCBA cylinders in different sizes and construction to meet the demands of different applications. Cylinders are offered in 2216 (low pressure) and 4500 psi (high pressure) operating pressures. Durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes (at 40L/min breathing rate) are available. Choose from aluminum or light weight carbon fiber full-wrap construction.


​SCBA cylinder valves are constructed of anodized aluminum with a built in bumper protector. The valve gauge is double sided with a luminescent gauge face for easy readability. Custom labeling is available on carbon fiber full-wrapped cylinders. Additionally, we offer many accessories and custom options. Just give us a call and we can help you determine the best replacement and/or aux cylinder.

The PAS Colt is a Supplied Airline Respirator (Combination Pressure Demand, Type “C”) with a 10-minute self-contained air cylinder (SCBA) for emergency use. The PAS Colt, is NIOSH approved for entry and escape, and may be used in the supplied air mode up to 300 feet or 12 hose length sections from the air source, whichever is greater.

Portable Service Stations.

Portable Eyewash Stations

Trinity Safety Company’s new portable eyewash stations feature a tandem axle trailer equipped with a 500 gallon insulated poly tank, insulated braided PVC feed lines, enclosed 1/2hp pump, eyewash bowl and shower, two vertically mounted nitrogen bottles, wheel chocks and a heating element capable of connection to 220V or 110V service for cold weather operation. Please call today or visit us for a demonstration and pricing.

Portable Cooling Stations

Working outdoors during hot summer months can be brutal, especially in agricultural and oilfield environments. Trinity Safety Company’s new towable cooling stations are literally an oasis that can help alleviate heat related symptoms including heat exhaustion, heat cramps, fainting and heat rash.


Each 5ft x 8ft trailer is fully equipped with a 48” fan, 300 gallon water tank, four folding chairs and one 10ft x 10ft pop-up tent. An optional gas generator is also available to provide electrical power at your work location.